Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pain Teens - destroy me, lover (1993)

Pain Teens released their best album with
Destroy Me Lover, an explosive fusion of the psychedelic rock of the 60s, urban garage rock, grunge, stoner-rock, industrial suffocation, destructive glam ("Tar Pit"), anthemic folk and power-pop ("RU 486" - with the raga guitar spiralling out of control), and dwelling in a paranoid atmosphere ranging from sinister ("Cool Your Power", "Lisa Knew"), hallucinogenic somnambulism ("Prowling"), bombastic music-hall ("Dominant Man"), industrial spy-soundtrack with hip-hop breaks ("Sexual Anorexia"), voodoo march ("Body Memory"), delirium tremens ("Shock Treatment") etc. The cover of Leonard Cohen's "Story Of Isaac" sounds paradisiac when compared to the rest of the sonic mayhem here.

Get it here.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Paik - satin black (2004)

Criminally overlooked, Paik's
Satin Black is one of the best albums ever made. More than shoegazer, Satin Black depicts psychological landscapes. Kickstarting with the stellar ecstasis of "Jayne Field", "Dirt For Driver" suddenly brings a sense of unrest and turmoil. "Satin Black" then brings an uneasy balance between the ecstatic melody and the terrifying noise - culminating in a dizzying massacre. "Dizzy Stars" dives further into the void - this is the soundtrack of a mind ready to collapse, and the collapse comes with "Stellar Meltdown" - 15 minutes of paralyzing drone distortions.

The album is anything but ordinary. It's distortions are among the most colossal ever heard in shoegazing or beyond. It's sense of dynamics between melody, noise outbursts and inbetween is extraordinary. It's structure is metaphysical, alternating between states of cosmic ecstasis and personal apocalyptic turmoil.

Get it here.


OK, so why another music blog? Well, first of all because I can. -)

No, actually I meant to do this for a long time. I wouldn't have done it yet, cause I still can't rip vinyls, but a friend asked for some albums I owned on CD, so I thought I'd post them, even if I'm not fully prepared to do this.

I'm not going to post daily or anything like that. I really appreciate and I'm grateful for the work some other bloggers do, but how they keep up with it is beyond me. But I'll try to to do a few updates a month at least.