Sunday, April 20, 2008

Anne Clark - the sitting room [1982]

Anne Clark was never really a singer, more of a reciter, albeit a powerful one. That's the case with this 1982 EP, though the music is quite exceptional.

We get recitations over synthscapes that are kosmische, symphonic and dreamy ("The Sitting Room"). Actually, this particular formula predates dream-techno by about a decade.

Also, there's tormented musique concrete ("Swimming", "The Power Game") which then transforms to moody and robotic ambient-oramas ("An Ordinary Life") and then to transparent requiems ("Shades"). Finally, there's fragile synth-folk ("Short Story"), and futuristic adaptations of traditional dirge-music ("All We Have To Be Thankful For").

An excellent EP that languishes in obscurity. Get it here.


Anonymous said...

Short Story is an all-time favorite of mine, mainly because Patrik Fitzgerald plays the keyboard like he does on Gifts & Telegrams. But I had not kept the rest. Listening today to the title track by chance I got in the mood to listen to the rest ... and found it here via the Google blog search. You have a small but very fine selection! I am very curious what you will come up with in the future :)

Ed said...

I went through qite a chunk of music in my life but this is one of the most dreamy and organic sounds I have ever listened. Still takes me after 20 years;) Something like abandoned Chernobyl ruins taken by the nature and some hounting voices trapped within the walls...