Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cabaret Voltaire - three mantras (1980)

An astonishing album by the Cabs. Above all this is a tremendous psychedelic record, with "Eastern Mantra" being a crossover between Eastern litany, industrial, acid psychedelia, improvisation, electronics and dance music. All the while "Western Mantra" features an even looser form of psychedelia (Eastern elements abound here as well), assuming the guise of a hypnosis and subsequent delve into the collective subconscious of modern society, as well as an exorcism which reveals it's pagan roots.

Get it here. Another contribution by Nexd - thanks.


DJW said...

thanks for this - search high and wide. your blog is a blessing. Also seeking music by O Yuki Conjugate. 80's UK group. If anything is floating around would be a blessing x 100! many thanks again.

Jim Slip said...

DJW, I have a vinyl record by O Yuki Conjugate, but I haven't yet digitized any vinyls. I've seen some albums of theirs in the blogosphere though.