Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tuxedomoon - divine (1982)

Tuxedomoon's soundtrack to Maurice Bejart's ballet
Divine is even more ambitious and austere than previous releases. Basically herein Tuxedomoon invented a new form of futurism, one that worships the machine but also draws heavily on past classicism. Or to put it another way, the numerous classical and traditional references in Divine almost hang in suspended animation, ready to be manipulated by these industrial new-wave elitists.

Check how "Grand Hotel" is a European traditional string-dance based on an electronic vocal loop, or "Ninotchka"'s constant movement between the strings/ vocals (borrowing from Russian folklore) and electronics, the romantic psychological soundscapes of "Queen Christina" and "Camille", the slow-motion tension of "Mata Hari", and the feverish hallucinations of "Anna Christie" and "Freudlose Gasse".

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armeur H said...

thank you ! I don't have this one !

Jim Slip said...

Thanks Armeur H! I see you beat me to posting Kas Product's debut. -)