Monday, February 23, 2009

Captain Beefheart - trout mask replica (1969)

A highly complex, completely disjointed free-jazz funk blues which predates no-wave by about a decade.

Amidst the chaos, one can trace, to cite a few examples, a disguised convoluted harmonic progression in "Hair Pie Bake 1", wild up-and-down dynamics in "Sweet Sweet Bulbs", the robotic nonsense "Neon Meat Dream Of A Octofish" - featuring a devilish guitar solo counter-effected by a clarinet on fire, the faux chamber music of "Dali's Car", the multi-layered delirium of "Pena" etc.

It's hard to actually tell, but actually each piece is quite different than the other. It's like each piece represents a different diagram in a geometrical parabola wihch in turn represents structured chaos, though sometimes things are far more playful as in the clownish funfair big-band exercise "Sugar 'n Spikes", or in the sketch "Ant Man Bee".

Get it here.


icastico said...

You show excellent taste.

sexy said...
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Jim Slip said...

@icastico, thanks. I hope to be able to publish some more rare stuff in the future.