Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vyllies - velvet tales (1985)

The Vyllies' synth-punk already reeked of catacomb atmospheres, but the inclusion of string arrangements in the Velvet Tales EP added a whole new dimension to their music.

The witches' incantation starts with the litany "Ahia". "Sky Is Full Of Stiches" introduces the black magic ceremony, that leads to a frenetic waltz accompanying a story of murder. Then the witches' voices introduce the intoxicating medieval atmosphere of "Agrainir", finally culminating to the metaphysical vortex of "Exquisite Carcass".

This majestic record feels more like a metaphysical thriller. Get it here
(vinyl rip, includes photographs of the sleeve and vinyl).

Friday, September 9, 2011

Eskimo (1985)

This forgotten EP by this forgotten French new-wave band starts with "Cannibal", which reveals a fascinating brew: cold-wave, manic funk, fragmented jazz rhythms, cosmic synthesizers. Using the same basic recipe, "King Kong Talk" plunges in a tense and paranoid atmosphere, while the performance hinges in a cubist deconstruction. "Tsi Zawa" is pure groove, a paralytic tribal dance, the epitome of cold-wave. "Ioti" features the most dense and climactic atmosphere yet: a robotic ceremony which slowly explodes and hangs by a thread. "Manana" retains the tension, but in a more mournful way. "Nageuse" is pure intrigue: thick layers of theatrical suspense and elegant tippy toes, until it expands in an ever denser threatening pantomime. Get it here (vinyl rip, includes photographs of the sleeve, inner sleeve, and the vinyl).