Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vyllies - velvet tales (1985)

The Vyllies' synth-punk already reeked of catacomb atmospheres, but the inclusion of string arrangements in the Velvet Tales EP added a whole new dimension to their music.

The witches' incantation starts with the litany "Ahia". "Sky Is Full Of Stiches" introduces the black magic ceremony, that leads to a frenetic waltz accompanying a story of murder. Then the witches' voices introduce the intoxicating medieval atmosphere of "Agrainir", finally culminating to the metaphysical vortex of "Exquisite Carcass".

This majestic record feels more like a metaphysical thriller. Get it here
(vinyl rip, includes photographs of the sleeve and vinyl).


Wizago said...

Thanks for posting this, the Vyllies were a great group!

Jim Slip said...

Thank you. I added your blog to the links.