Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Numbers - numbers life (2002)

Ιn their debut, the Numbers offer an update of late 70's no-wave (particularly James Chance & The Contortions) and synth-punk (particularly Crash Course In Science). However, the update is limited only to production values, and not to form. A touch of glam and power-riffing ("Driving Song", "I'm Shy") liven up the proceedings, while the factory-noise of "Prison Life" is probably the most significant track here. In the end, however groovy their spastic vignettes are, you can't help noticing how derivative the whole thing is. Get it here (updated link).


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Dillin Brackett said...

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Jim Slip said...

It's still up there, isn't it.

I was using Rapidshare, but then they kept deleting my stuff if they remained inactive (i.e. no downloads) for over a month.

The glory days of Rapidshare are long gone anyway.

brrrszszrsz said...

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maybe you have and you're able to pos numbers death album?

Jim Slip said...

Sorry, I don't have this album.