Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Astronauts - peter pan hits the suburbs (1981)

The Astronauts, one of the more eclectic bands of the punk/ post-puk era, debuted with Peter Pan Hits the Suburbs in 1981.

The album's range is gigantic: from dissonant punk a la Fall ("Everything Stops for Baby"), to epic progressive folk ("Protest Song", "Baby Sings Folk Songs"), ditties ("Sod us"), hard-rock ("the Traveller"), pop ("How Green was my Valley"), garage/ surf ("Still Talking"), industrial ("How Long is a Piece of String"), and set to arrangements that employ synthesizers, flute, saxophone, and stray into progressive or even free-form/ psychedelic sections.

The icing on the cake is the mature statement of the lyrics, a cynical and bitter exploration of the lives of simple men, miles away from the generic horror/ punk overtones that permeated most of alternative albums at the time.

Get it here.


bruno said...

Thank a lot for introducing me to the band! Great songs, I especially liked "Still Talking".

Jim Slip said...

Pleasure. -)

Nick said...

Just found your blog! It is excellent indeed! "Heroes and voices from (my) past!" Thanks so much for these rare gems.

PS) can you upload the other (1rst. I think, Astonaauts' LP?)