Friday, April 24, 2009

Essence - nothing lasts forever (1991)

The Essence were always perceived as Cure copycats, and rightly so. But then again they always wrote great songs, and at their best (A Monument Of Trust) they could tackle glimmering drama with ease. So it was with Nothing Lasts Forever, making it's case with bruised and elegiac pop ("Separation"), spiraling mood-swings ("How You Make Me Hate"), autumnal paeans ("September"), shimmering dramas ("Out Of Grace"), sparkling sorrowful sighs ("Everything"), triumphant pop that rose like a phoenix out of it's ashes ("Never Let Go"), wind-torn rain-soaked landscapes ("Thirty Second Song"), fragile farewells ("All Is Empty" and so on.

Get it here.


Capa Nostra said...

I like so much your blog, i can't wait to see the another post.

Added & Greetings.

Capa Nostra.

Jim Slip said...

Capa Nostra, I am a longtime fan of your blog, but somehow I hadn't added it on the links. I was just downloading the Divine compilation (one of my favourite labels) the other day.