Thursday, April 9, 2009

Slowdive - souvlaki (1993)

Slowdive diluted their sound somewhat in Souvlaki but, what they lacked in density, they made up in emotional gravitational pull.

"Alison" was a shoegaze paean that flickered like a small flame in the wind, before incandescing itself in the chorus. Then "Machine Gun" was a tender hymn that floated like a feather in the atmosphere. In contrast, "40 Days" traveled in space in supersonic speeds and was wrapped in motion blur. "Sing", co-written by Brian Eno, employed a twirl of electronics to emulate a state of weightlessness, before picking up speed in an endless fall in space.

"Souvlaki Space Station" continued the trend, now burning itself in this infinite fall in space. "When The Sun Hits" mourned for the fall and loss, eventually losing itself in the process. "Altogether" had lost it's senses, taking comfort in the temporary refuge of an internal cocoon. Even this embankment wasn't to last. "Melon Yellow" was falling too fast, too soon, into this internal abyss. "Dagger" certainly didn't offer any solace. By now the flickering flame of "Alison" was all but gone and all that was left was the memory of the flame, which in turn was fading into nothingness.

A masterpiece. Get it here.


icastico said...

One of my favorites.

You may like this, given what you post here.

Jim Slip said...

Thanks Icastico. I like your blog, I added it to the links. -)

deadangryjerk said...

Sweet post. One of my favorite slowdive albums.

If your into underground shoegaze friends of mine released this album. Feel free to check it out.

Anything After - There's Something Warm

Javiikiller said...

Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

"See you walking and i know shes my friend, again". Smile guys.