Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sputniks Down - much was decided before you were born (2001)

Sputniks Down out-Mogwai-ed Mogwai in Much Was Decided Before You Were Born, in pulsating post-rock ballads such as "Ralph M" (partly elegant acoustic psychedelia, partly subtle chamber brush-stroking), "A Golden Era Of Respectability" (with a nice harmonic progression), the funereal slow-moving stream of "Atonement", and the glittery texturing of "Pixelated" (a bit more rough). The whole album felt akin to a dreamy reminiscence while under the influence of antidepressants, with things finally starting to awaken in "Mie Scattering". It wasn't enough. The closing "P.K." returned to a comatose bittersweet surrender. Get it here.

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