Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cramps - songs the lord taught us (1980)

The Cramps invented voodoobilly, i.e. a deranged form of rockabilly, possessed with punk mania and exorcised by the shamanic vocals of Lux Interior. From the ritualistic tom-toms of Nick Knox, to the chainsaw guitars of Poison Ivy and Bryan Gregory, and finally to Lux's werewolf-like Elvis imitation, the mood ranges from demonic freak-outs ("Rock On The Moon", "Sunglasses After Dark"), to zombified b-movie scores ("I Was A Teenage Werewolf", "Fever"), but behind the black-humour and kitsch lies some truly inspired mayhem. Get it here.

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J. G. Roco said...

Interesting blog... I'll be watching it... :)