Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christian Death - deathwish (1984)

Deathwish EP is in fact the first recording of Christian Death (from 1981), but it was only released in 1984 by French label L'invitation au Suicide.

"Deathwish", "Desperate Hell" and "Cavity" suggest psychedelia, distorted hard rock riffs, existential terror and a horrifying intensity. "Romeo's Distress" adds romantic elements to the recipe, "Dogs" displays doom synths and electronic effects, while "Spiritual Cramp" is a punk maelstrom.

The record demonstrates the formidable power of the first Christian Death line-up, and features excellent guitar & vocal work by Rikk Agnew (ex Adolescents) and Rozz Williams respectively.

Get it here.

Oh, and one more thing, merry Xmas from IAS. -)


IO said...

YOUR BLOG IS GREAT! So many interesting records!!! thank you B

Nick the Hat said...

Nice ep posting, dig the Christian Death and this is a tasty treat. Thanks!

theo paijmans said...

In the late 1980's the Invitation Aux Suicide records popped up in the Netherlands... I remember having bought beautifully produced LP's of Christian Death (Only Theater...), Circle X, Current 93 (was Current also on Invitation, or am I misstaken after all these years?) and Virgin Prunes.

I since long lost them. At that time we even had a national radio program (titled Spleen)that actually played these bands! This brings back good memories:)

drriquet said...

I have one album of this label it's "Our shade of sin" by PERSONA NON GRATA !!

Jim Slip said...

@ IO


@ Nick The Hat

I reckon this is the best Christian Death work along with "Theatre Of Pain" and "Ashes".

@ Theo

Current 93 never released a record on IAS. Circle X and The Virgin Prunes did.

@ drriquet

I have it as well. Not a bad little record.