Sunday, December 2, 2007

Fred Frith - gravity (1980)

The new impetus for Fred Frith brings short experimental sketches exhibiting enormous variety.
Check the jazz-ethnic cacophony "The Boy Beats The Rams", the naive Canterbury melody "Spring Any Day Now", the hysterical Latin dance "Don't Cry For Me" (that ends as a vocal freak-out), the Middle-Eastern/ bolero/ electronic-jazz crossover "Hands Of The Juggler", the prog-jam "Norrgarden Nyvla", the acid guitar solo-ing "What A Dilemma", the smooth and yet unsettling jazz "Come Across", the surreal ditty sabotaged by electronic noise "Dancing In The Street", the Celtic folk-dance with dissonant outbursts "Career in Real Estate" etc.

A marvellous album.

Get it here.

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Elliot Knapp said...

Tough to pick a favorite Frith solo album, but this has got to be it. Recently reviewed it on my blog here. Love the blog!