Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ludus - the seduction (1981)

Ludus bridged post-punk and the progressive jazz-rock of the 70s (think
Soft Machine).

"Unveiled" and "Herstory" (with a middle section made entirely of concrete sounds), are complex compositions that seem to be made of out 15 different songs, and also funky, danceable and raw.

In addition, "My Cherry Is In Sherry", "Inheritance" and "See The Keyhole" even incorporate lounge-jazz, punk-funk and synth-pop, while "Dynasty" is almost free-jazz vs classical sonata. Finally, "Mirror Mirror" and "Escape Artist" are more pop-orientated but still complex.

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du2vye said...

Thx for this and others. Lots of stuff I haven't heard before. Great write-ups.